The Best of Mike & McNeil

A graduate of Harvard Law School, Ken McNeil also holds Bachelor’s and Master’s of Arts degrees in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Science in Economics degree from Penn’s Wharton School. Discharged from the United States Army at the rank of Captain, Ken was awarded the Army Commendation Medal following a three-year tour of active duty. His later career has included time spent in public service, as a lobbyist, as a broadcaster, and in private law practice.

Educated at what he likes to call the “School of Hard Knocks,” Cray Z. Mike maintains that his Ph.D. in Pimpology is an actual degree, duly awarded following his dissertation on “Big Booties in the Modern Era.” The closest he came to military service was providing certain services to men in the military. Partially disabled after an ugly incident involving a “protégé” and her disgruntled “date,” Mike retired from street life many years ago, somehow managing to collect social security despite having never worked a day in his life.